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Front 1/4 glass rubbers

thanks for that Neil, so there you guys if you want seals for wagon, sedan or ute 1/4 glass get on board as I will be ordering very early next week and will need cash deposited in my acc by end of next week once I have proforma for payment. thanks guys.
G'day all. I have sent email to spectrum re: rubber seals, asking if the require a frame and a sample of rubber to do the seals and also if they require a template of the rear glass for the ute to make sure the fit and more importantly the actually work. once I have received the answer/info back I will place the order. at this point I am ordering 2 rear ute glass, one for me one for thou ute. I am also getting 6 pairs of vent seals, 2 pairs for me, 1 pair for thou ute, 1 pair for Matthew Sturdee and I will maybe have 2 pairs spare at a highly inflated price...lol. I have also inquired if coupe ones are available.
Wonderful thanks a load.
Hi All,
Here's the deal re: 1/4 vent seals. Spectrum will do them for me and I will send them up my old ones and a frame from my wagon (unless someone has a crap one to donate) to make sure fitment is no issue.

That leads me to this, they have to order 50 corners to do the seals and I only need 12 corners for the 6 pairs. So if you are serious and do want them at $52 a pair (plus postage) let me know, because if I have to order 25 pairs I will but the price will go up (or I will be stuck with them and have to buy every 1K I can find to use them on!)

So please please please pm me if you want a pair as they will take a while to get hold of, it may even go to next year unless the quantity forces them to get them done quicker.
Wow 25 sets!! 
Well i'm down for a set for sure.
i'm sure over time you'd sell them all anyway. I might end up getting another 1k one day. Never know
I am interested in 10-15 sets possibly more. Another big buyer is botoneta he would most certainly be interested.
When would you require payment?
Once I have finalised the quantity and have placed the order which will hopefully take place early next week, I will have the proforma sent through and payment after that but I will let everyone know. Its just taking a bit longer than hoped to get numbers finalised and more importantly to make sure they fit perfect. Based on the amount you want we are very close to 25 pairs, bloody awesome!!
Yea ill grab 2 pairs
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put me down for two pairs please

Sorry forgot to mention, I'm still waiting to find out about coupe 1/4 seals. Will let you know as soon as I do.
The list to date, with these quantities I will be placing order Friday 3rd October with payment early next week. So far as postage I will try and work it out and include it in your costs except clyons8 due to location (I will need your assistance). So Friday will be my cut off for orders. Thanks for getting on board guys!
I am in for one pair
Assuming they would fit inside, the Aussie post 3kg express satchel (about$16) could be the go
Surely this bloke would provide a sample before we commit? I'd really like to see a sample fitted with detailed pictures so I know that committing the $500+ isn't going to be a waste?
I have found almost all the seals from rarespares to be shit/completely wrong and have been more than happy with the Thaliand equivalents at a fraction of the price. 
Well to get hold of a sample would require them to order the 50 corners anyway and that was not going to happen. I guess that's the reason why I am sending them my old rubber and a frame from my wagon to ensure perfect fitment and don't forget no one is obligated to get them through me but someone has to do something more than talk about it. If there is a rubber available from Thailand why hasn't anyone found out about these?? where are they from, what company? I don't care where we get them but so long as we do!
So far as rare spares is concerned I can only go on my experience and I have just had my screen fitted with a rare spares seal and it was perfect. once again I will put it out there, WHO EVER WANTS A SET PM ME OR YOU MISS OUT. I have already wasted a week and want to order them.
I will request a sample but for us to get a sample requires a commitment which means I will need payment and quantities so order can be placed.

This post did start in July and still no supplier sourced or suggested so Spectrum it will be. I don't need a headache or grief just trying to help out! worst comes to worst I will order enough to make up for spectrum to order 50 corners and as I said in a previous post sell them at an inflated price rather than cost.
That's a fair call. If a sample is not available, I am only prepared to commit to a set or two. I am sure you can understand. With reference to the seals available from Asia, take a look at the windscreen, boot and door seals available from them. I have not seen the quarter glass seals as yet.
Show me a sample and I will purchase many more. Sorry but its a 'once bitten, twice shy' sort of situation for me, especially if it is anything to do with the supply line of rarespares. Good work on getting it this far.
I understand the hesitation as this is only my first build of a 1000 and as I'm sure your aware of the standard of my build, I also am hesitant. I am relying on Spectrum to do the right thin by us all by having my frame and rubber as a guide, surely they can't stuff it up. Being a cabinet maker by trade I'm a bit of a fish out of water trying to arrange all this as I don't have the contacts that a lot of the guys on here do or the experience with 1000's. Regardless I'm going to have to prolong the ordering of these as I don't really need 14 sets for myself so that's why I wanted numbers. I guess I got excited when I read you wanted 10-15 as that put us in the market but now I need to wait until I can get it to at least 20 sets because then at least I can cover the additional 5 sets to sell off at a later date. 
So all of you know I am rounding the price up to $25 a side which means I'm making a huge 83 cents per side so it's not about the money for me, it's about seals for all of us. If anyone wanted some after the first batch they would also have to order 25 sets and a possible 3 month lead time.
please don't take any of this the wrong way, I'm not pissed off just frustrated how hard even simple things become to try and get quality parts for our choice of obsession.
Im in also, sending PM now.
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I'm also interested. I'll send you a PM.
PM sent.
Good news all, I have the numbers we need to place the order. I will pm all who are on board with details for payment.
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