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Front 1/4 glass rubbers

Hi all, I will be sending all who are after 1/4 seals a PM today and tomorrow with payment details and quantities for each. Thanks for your patience!
Nah thank YOU for organising this.
Thanks to all for the orders. I will place the final order and get the proforma ready for payment. Once all have paid I can make payment and get them underway. So please pay as soon as financially possible so we can hopefully have an early Christmas present.
Sorry guys forgot acc name: R M Butterworth. 
G'day all, I have sent the order off and waiting for proforma. as soon as I have confirmation from them I will make the payment, which I would say be early next week. I will pm everyone who ordered seals to confirm your payments are in (some are already in) and a lead time.

Thanks everyone for making this possible.
Am I too late to jump on board? Just after 1 pair
All good lagwagon I'm getting a couple of extra sets.
heya Dix, pm'd 
G'day guys.
Its been a bit of a battle but just a quick update on 1/4 vent seals. All items are on order and my frame is on the way to Sydney for a template for fitment. I will hopefully have an answer on delivery date by the end of next week. If any one who ordered them wants to find out more please pm me.
Hi guys. Just a quick one to let you all know what's happening. I spoke to them early last week and they were still waiting for rubber stock (apparently the corners are from o/s) so I would say they will be ready early new year. Sorry about that as I really wanted them for Christmas also. If I hear anything I will let you know....watch this space!
Hi have you got an update on the seals?
Hi all. After a week of getting f#*£ed around I finally got hold of the sales manager of Spectum and got some answers. As it stands they have informed me they have had to source another supplier for the corner radii to make the seals ( at least they're in Australia) and I will know more tomorrow (21st jan). I'm kind of pissed off at the fact that I have to call them just to find out rather than someone letting me know, you would think they would possibly look after their clients a bit more efficiently considering I ordered them 9 weeks ago! And just so everyone who ordered them, they do not have our money at this point as they have not even sent me a damn invoice! You would think they would want some $ to proceed!!! Weird.
Anyway I will let you all know hopefully with no surprises this week, I'm just concerned that the cost will go up being an australian supplier as they had already gone up by $3 (which I was gonna cover) but when I get the invoice I will put it up here for all to see.
p.s mulotix I have a set for you and a few extras!
Hello all.  Update for 1/4 vent seals. Firstly I will say I know why not many group buys pop up, they are a bloody nightmare to organise!!! I have been waiting for Spectrum to source a new supplier for the corner sections of the seals and they have finally been in touch with me. It's not all good news unfortunately, as they have said they are now going to be more expensive by $18 a pair. I'm still waiting for this in writing as I have been quoted previously at the price I had informed you all with. I have attached a pic of the original quote (I don't know how to attach the full page from phone) and as soon as the new one comes I will put it up.
if anyone wants to pull out I understand but I will be still ordering the full 30 pairs. Sorry about the delays in getting hold of them but that's just the way it is I guess. 
Pm me if you need to about costings or any thing else but I will pm all who ordered with the cost variation once I know what it is.
just in case there is a stumbling block Rich as I feel you wont move more than 5-10 sets
I feel the use of sliding windows to eliminate window mechanism and free up alot of
isses with these older cars that will have no more leaks, no water in the door as it
will be totally sealed from moisture and atmosphere so no dust, dirt etc.
I would suggest is you use sliding lexan racing windows similar in design
as applied to Landrover or VW Kombi, heaps of other cars, buses & trucks for eons.
After owning Landys and Kombis& replacing factory steel rusty runnerfor alloy ones
I thought every old car should have this system as there are so many bonuses.
I used Landrover style gutters like these for my old 2 door sedan b10 in the 90s
before i had internet or a digital camera. This is what I would use if I do it again.
vw sample

however I wish I saw these earlier!

The ones I made took some finicky work but would do it again if I had the chance
Looks are superior and no more crap in the doors is a bonus to keeping our jewels.
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let me know when you need the extra for my order and how much.
yea dude just swing us a text with the difference when you know and ill send it through
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Thanks for the update Richard. What sort of time frame would you think it would be until these are complete?
If you think it's going to be a long time I'd like to arrange a refund and look for an alternative product, I need something urgently now.
Has anyone tried the 620 or 720 ute rubbers? at $25 a pair from ebay and readily available its worth a shot. I've got a kb10 and I might give it a try. Even if they have to be modified to fit its worth it because they are just impossible to find.
I'll flick thru the coin for the sets i have on order, 
just let me know, 
I might even pick upa couple if people pull out, 
cheers, Mike
Hey Richard,
In no rush, let me know the extra and i'll transfer.

Can you send a 1 or 2 set for me for Portugal in Europe ?

I can pay cost of sending, I pay you for paypal or transfer bank.

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