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Front 1/4 glass rubbers

Hey I can't remember how many sets I ordered? Was it one or two sets? Once again thanks for your persistance! 
David i'll be using your advice for the rear to create a sliding window too hopefully
G'day all. I spoke to Spectrum today (as per normal I had to chase them up) and final have been told that a sample is being made for me and will be posted as soon as ready for me to approve. I still can't give you a date for these or a price as I was told they would have a price for once the first one is made! I wish I could charge at cost plus and not have to quote!!!!!
anyway that's where it stands at the moment. I have only had one person pull out so I will have an additional 2 sets as well as 4 sets extra that I ordered. thanks for all who are patient enough to wait, but I guess we would all have crappy seals or something that isn't made specifically for our 1000's.
Heya Dix, how did the samples look?
any good? or are they still mucking you about?
Well I wish I was saying they're great but I'm still f'ing waiting for the sample. Honestly it is beyond a joke now, so I just wait patiently as they are the last rubbers I need now and without them it's hard to wash it! I'm off work for 6 or so months now so I will start busting their balls a bit. Sorry for the delay in getting them
as they say "patience is a virtue"
we'll get there...
Hey Dix
Let me know if you need any help up here to get these sorted.
GTi-t KB10
Hows this going?
Ive ordered some 720 ute 1/4 vent rubbers that should arrive this week. I'll let you know if they fit.
I need a set too, so interested to see how it goes.
Hi all. I think I am going to refund all. It's just been far to long and I am now getting pissed off with Spectum rubber. I have sent an email as I haven't been able to get through to the land line the last 2 days. Watch this space as I'm going to start busting their balls a bit. Hey tom1000 if you e got a coupe yours are different to ours and I think available still.
I've been waiting for The Rubber Shop to get back to me for ages and after a few reminder messages.
thanks for your Efforts Dix, it's a shame the supplier stuffed you about, ya just can't get good help these days...
Hey Dix , mate I've only just jumped back on after a good year or so, I tried calling them the other day in relation to a different matter and couldn't get through, I'm going to go for a drive around there tomorrow to see if the doors are still open, I'm happy to ask about your order if you like and try and get some answers ...???
like I said in the first thread they weren't traveling to well, my contact has since left the company on bad terms so I won't be able to get an answers from him, either way if this does come of I'd be happy to buy 4sets
So last week I ordered some 720 rubbers to see if they would fit my coupe. They don't. The coupe windows have a little more rake than these rubbers.
Having said that, I reckon the rubbers would be pretty close to fitting a 1000  sedan/wagon/ute.
If anyone wants to bring an old rubber or window over to Parramatta and line them up, and they fit. You can have them for $30. First in best dressed.
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