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ebay grille

there's a 69 sedan grille on ebay, not new, reasonable condition, bit pricey maybe,
and some s grille badges.
anyone give me the 1000 link for yahoo auctions please.
or b10 link whateva is best, i lost it ty.
If you do a search you'll find all the translated stuff beetwenty put up
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68 B20 ute project
Previous Datos -
68 B20 ute
68 B10 2dr sedan
ca18det 1200 ute 180rwkw
12a montser port 1200 ute 212rwhp
Stocko 1200 wagon
this is the one
and you wont need a spacer if using original h145 centre, its only for the h150 centre into a h145
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Yahoo auctions searching for "Sunny B10"
Some words to use as search terms. "Just copy and paste the word you want to search for into yahoo search bar"
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
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