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ridding the winders and quarter windows

I know its not in the taste of everybody but Im thinking of ridding these noisey areas
with welding up the gap for the winding window glass and quarter window area for
a 2 piece shatter resistant lexan that slides the rear piece forward and back on
early vw combi or landrover like alloy channeled runners.
I wont be getting the cool air that the quarters give but would install the cutouts
used in rally cars where a lexan or acrylic adjustable window air vent does the job.
Its not going to make your classic venettian look better but suited to 60s retro racer look.

Window vent adjustable air vent base

window vent cover

Alloy Roof mounted one as extra

There are better clear window vents that are adjustable but cant find them atm
they are similar to these but rotate to close
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