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What colour to paint the VB10

Hi all,
Interested in knowing a good shade of green to paint my VB10?
So far I am thinking Suzuki Swift RE4 green? I'm a little worried though it might get old fast and perhaps should go something a little more timeless? I also like Ford Falcon Mystic green but I think that may be to dark on such a small car.
In my opinion metallics can easily kick a thou right out of it era if the colour is too bright, but it depends on what you are going for, if your going for a show car and something that glimmers and catches public attention then thats fine
im painting mine soon in a very pastel green, im still hunting for the right one cause its easy to have too much yellow or too much blue in there. 
I'm possibly doing an undercoat of 'brown rust' and rubbing some green back to give a really soft ratted look though.
putting star sharks and flaring guards too so it really depends on what style, rims, height etc too
There is an example but in another photo this car is slightly too blue for my liking, but the one picture is pretty close to what i want.
The mystic colour could definately work on a thou, what rims are you running?
pastel hands down
datsun 1000 the first one!
or some shades darker
Ive yet to see a cream Pumpkin or burnt orange 1000, close to datsun baby poo
but more towards yellow mustard or even beige mustard
eg 2 in the pic below
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Sorry thinking the same thing.... Recon they look their best in period colours.
If you want timeless? You can't go wrong with white.
Let it's size, style, engine and wheels stand out, not the paint.
You got a build thread going?
I did my Lappo in BRG, came up quite well, 
I was looking for something a little different, as there are plenty of red ones out there... 
That's an awesome colour and suits it well.
I've started thinking more about an olive metallic now.
Although I have a few issues now with damage to glass and bonnet by the guy that blasted my car, so trying to source parts. Just posted what I'm chasing on the forum
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