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Time to get my '71 ute back on the road

Well its finally time to get my '71 datto 1000 ute back on the road after 15 years in the shed. So glad I've hung on to it !!
Motor is out, head has been reconditioned, got new pistons & rings to put in this weekend, staying with the A12 that it came with back when I bought it in 1992 - and I'll do up the body and interior as I get the time.
Cant' wait to drive this around again!
Good to see another ute getting back on the road! I think you beat my record of 11 years in the garage but they are worth the wait.
Don't give up! I though I was crazy for hanging on to mine, had it off the road for 5 years, and have brought it with me after moving 3 times. Good to see I'm not the only one.
Well, nearly 2 years later and its back on the road. Woo Hoo !!
Good to see another 1k back on the road again.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Just got these stainless extractors to install coz the old cast header has a hole. Can't wait to hear the new 2" exhaust :-)
Well finally got round to installing the extractors but dammit they don't fit. 
No way they will clear the steering arm /floor pan / bell housing - the 4 into 1 all happens around that area so no go. 
Anybody else had that issue? Its an A12 motor in a 1000 ute, seems like the 1000 has less room down the bottom where the pipes come out.
So anyone here have some extractors for sale that will fit?
My old manifold has a hole near where it connects to the carby heater box so pretty hard to reuse that.
Well that sucks.
Worst case i guess your chasing an A12 manifold to get you going while you figure out whats needed.
But I hope you get some extractors sorted without too much trouble.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
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