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Need advice! , Ratsun!

Hey guys I have recently bought a datsun 1000 deluxe sedan. I have put an A14 engine already in it. What would I need to up grade with brakes and what brakes would fit?? 
This 1000 is going to be a ratsun and I can't wait for it to begin!
Welcome to the frienliest & helpful little family of datsuns
this site is put together thanks to some nice 1k brothers
Speak to Dundee1000 he has a nice kit avail. all bolt on
and best of all 13 inch wheels fit unlike some other setups.
Pls post a pic of your little treasure, they are simply the best
little things on the road for economy & lightweigth performance.
Even a lotus 7 doesnt provide the roof, creature comforts
like a boot, rear seats & a proper windscreen all under 650kg.
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