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1000 wagon wrecking, Good rust free body - Multiple Items

Hi all. I have a wagon with 1000 and 4 speed. Good solid rust free body, ideal for project or if your body is cactus. Text me if your interested and I can arrange more pics if required. WILL NOT part out as most of the trim is not there. Still has seats, dash trims, dash pad. (cracked), bonnet with hole cut in (do have a good one for extra), both bars with over riders (chrome crap), tail light buckets, alloy diff centre. anyway that's it, let me know
$500 Ono 
Hey Rich can you hang on to her till October or in a hurry?
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Hey mate,
Don't suppose you have any spare guards lying around?
Chasing a RHF guard inparticular.
No mate sorry, I've got real good bonnet. I did see left and right guards on eBay for $150 each, a bit pricey seeing they were a bit rusty on the inner. At this point I would rather keep it as one and not wreck it but when you weigh up $150 for a gaurd a whole car for spares isn't a bad option!
No problems, biggest thing would be getting up to where I am. Located in Bris.
I did see those guards on Ebay. Thought I might have solved that problem yesterday. Saw some on FB but car was well past repairable (rust wise). I'm still looking at those guards but not sure if I can be bothered to go to Newcastle for a drive or freight.... 
Not to mention I've been pouring money into my other project at the moment.... lol
I hear you, I've only got to get the electrical sorted on mine and I'm on the road but bought a bloody truck and now I'm a bit sidetracked with that. What's the saying...he who dies with the most toys wins!
lol something like that!
Im halfway through a resto on a 64 impala..... Just got it back from paint. Had the datto longer just been neglecting it. 
However some mates have a dona rotor for it so they want me to start working on it more....
I need a clone!
Well it can be done, there was a 12a in wagon down here in the early 90's that went like a cut cat! At least with the impala you can carry the datto around in the boot Lol. Big job these days to engineer them for the street, it was bloody easy 20 years ago in comparison.
Hi all. Decided to wreck the wagon and I guess what doesn't go goes to metal recycling, hate doing it! I have various bits and pieces, 5x12" rims with hubcap clips, bonnet vgc and heaps of other bits.
let me know what your after.
Here is my list of "looking for"

  • Drivers door window-chrome/frame. (Wagon or 2 door sedan)
  • Wagon rear leaf springs & any leaf to diff mounting components.
  • Front Bumper bar. (Do not need brackets or over-riders).
  • Rear Bumper bar license plate light.
  • Front Leaf spring pads (sits inside lower control arm)
  • Choke cable.

I doubt you will be able to help with anything large as i would also need post to QLD.
But for anything small, please let me know how much. (If postage is on the menu)
Plus, if nobody wants it, i would also get the cigarette lighter.
If someone else was after it, then let it go elsewhere as it would be only as a cupboard spare for myself.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Hey ash, 
I am in adelaide but can help you out with a license plate light at the very least.
Thank you so much,
I have been talking to dix1000 with messages, and he also has one for me.
I don't think I will need the one you have on offer as he is helping with the bumper light, cig lighter & depending on how co-operative the post man is then maybe rear leaf springs... maybe, leafs are a bulky item.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Would you have the stainless insert for the windscreen seal at all?
No sorry mate it's on my ute!
Hi mate, I'd love to come have a look and grab some bits. Is the tailgate ok? Are you free during business hours?
Come on down Leigh! You still know where I live?
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