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C80 with B20?, True or false

Hi all. 
I had heard somewhere over the years that to boost sales and prepare for the 1200 release that the Nissan C80 truck came with a B20 ute on the back as a freebie!!!! Does anyone know if there is any truth to this or is it just a tall tale? Be good if it was, anyway tell me what you may have heard.
Not sure about that model
But they certainly did give away a free 1200 ute with some Nissan trucks back in tha day
Thanks Neil,Well I think that's close enough, my show pony won't look out of place up on the back of one then and there would be an element of truth if that story went with it. I wish I knew where to search to find out for certain!
I have a mate who told me when he brought a Scania prime mover years ago and he was given a 1200 ute with it said it was deal Scania had going at that time I will ask him what year that was next time I see him
I have been a long time member of the 1200 club but found this site. As I have a coupe this is where I should be.
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