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B10 Radiator, Ally 3 core - $47,000.00

Heya people, 
after many Eons of talking about it, 
there is such a beast in existance... 
it's bolt in Ally 3 core with square tanks for capacity, 
the overflow points to the passenger side for ease of fitment of a bottle, 
limited numbers at this stage, as we are a small group they aren't cheap cheap,
pm me if you are at all interested... (btw the 47000 is yen.... )
cheers, Mike 

Landed to your door.... 
looks like I'll be getting one over for me, 
I'm getting a triple core done on my original rebuild, (the rad guy is getting a core made in Adelaide, he says the guy over there does quality cores)
the hassle of having two dattos you want running.. ha ha
hello where can i get one of these radiators thanks steve.
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