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Twins Bits... *Wanted*, everybody loves twins...

Hitachi A series twins... (GX, A14T?)
I'm after somebody's box of carby bits... 
I'm looking for the linkage between the carbs, That the cable goes on, 
give me a buz if you can help me out.... 

cheers, Dundee,,,

Hey Dundee,
are you talking about the complete linkage that operates both at once (see pic) or just one for each carb?
Hey bro, yes the bit in the middle that has the cable on it... goes to both carbs...
I found some on eBay. It has the left and right lever to link them together. I have the GX one but obviously still need it for mine but I do have a spare pair of the older round top ones with them but new would be better. Let me know and I can send you pics of what I've got.
I have a pair of those looking things with manifold off a Z.. any good to you to mod ?
We can have a look Nool, might take a lot of modding though. . They are pretty different. ..
I have kits for the carbs and had plans to refurbish and sell
Hasen't happened yet
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