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retirement sale, cars and parts

old age retirement sale.
Datsun 1000 parts, sedans and coupes, unrestored and restored
country victoria
for sale,
           all my coupe spares and sedan spares, cars have gone
         s/w vic 2 hours from melb
Hi mate, what kind of parts do you have? Do you have any more pics of the stuff you've got up for sale?
Also interested in more info.
PM me your number if you like.
I am also very interested in what you maybe selling
I have been a long time member of the 1200 club but found this site. As I have a coupe this is where I should be.
Im sure some peeps are interested in FRP bonnet or guards
or you prefer to sell the molds?
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I'm looking for another Datto to add to the collection
Feel free to message me here
Chasing a windshield set moulding and fender mirror. Any pics of what is on offer?

hi guys i went and got a heap of parts from green datto last week what an awesome colection of parts and cars he has, you wont be dissapoined in the parts they are in a1 conditon thanks for your help with the parts green datto
is there pictures... 
what did you get? whats there?
so far away...
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