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wtb sd16 diesel 3 cyl, any info when you see it pls let me know

[url=http://datsun1200.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?post_id=474248#forumpost474248]Just came across this beauty and SD16 3 cyl used in pumps
and alternators still manufactured in china?[/url]
[img width=300]http://www.dieselcranks.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/0b263fbd027e29358e8633f6178a6297/8/3/8399mstst-hx_2.jpg[/img]
pics of the beast, would be nice if rear bell is removable 
for alloy bellhoused nissan boxes. I wonder how much boost 
it could take as the manifold is ready for a snail.
[img width=500]http://asavage.dyndns.org/ftp/Nissan/SD16/367_2.jpg[/img]
[img width=500]http://asavage.dyndns.org/ftp/Nissan/SD16/390.jpg[/img]
[img width=500]http://asavage.dyndns.org/ftp/Nissan/SD16/390_2.jpg[/img]
Some kind of forklift had these engines and just
to look at they seem tiny even to a J series 
but maybe similar in weight minus a cylinder?.
SD16 stroke is 99.8mm and all use 83mm bores yet 
full wet sleeve design and here in turbo!!!!
for the sd15et which is interesting and unusual.
You would need a 3.45 ratio and even lover to
use these little gems but would be a unique setup.
crankshaft is fully counterweight as well and maybe better
to use the sd15t engine for a bit more rpm & high boost
here is some kind of catalogue
[size=xx-large]video!!! of NA sd15[/size]
used in the IH 274 and 284
now to find one!
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