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su carbies

oh my god they dont make it easy do they 3,4 differnt types and british and japanese building up some twins and finding it difficult have done it before but was along time and the parts and knowledge cant be found as easy if any 1 has a set running would be good to chat drop a line
Are you saying you need help with yours manos?
or are you after some?
Try *Lemonhead* on datsun1200.com he had some for 250aud original onesa
and if you need to tune them there are some links online on how to do them.
I will be attempting a single 1 3/4 sus custom manifold for the A10 will put up
pics when I start and finish it using steel butt welds like a turbo manifold
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yea d i have some and neally have them on but i cant remember what some of vacum hoses go to the carbies i have are a little bit differnt to all references i have been able to find and there a little different to the set i had done before,put pics up soon as can ,maybe someone might know
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