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A14 on ebay. Anyone know if this is a GX Head?

Just browsing ebay and came across this.
I suspect this could be a GX head because..

  • Factory casting "JAPAN NISSAN" in the head.
  • I count 7 manifold studs/bolts along the top.

Can anyone on here confirm which head this is from a top view photo?
If it is GX then this could be a good buy for any Sydney members on here as it is only listed as an A14 engine.
Hopefully im not wrong about this... and hopefully it can help one of us find a much wanted part.
Im interested to hear if im a fool.
Looking through this guys ebay items, It loooks as if he also has a buy it now listing as a seperate auction.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Im with you Ash... GX...
some1 got a deal
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