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Dash Switches

Looking for the pullout switches on the 1000 dash. Thank you.
The only pull out switch is the headlight switch?
I reckon i can help you out there if you are having no luck locally.
Hi, thanks for the help.
Yes, I'm looking for two types of switches. The "Pull out" one that usually has an "L" on it and the wiper/light flippy silver swtich on the cluster. It will be next to impossible for me to find them locally. If you could help me out with these that would be great, I'll cover all the shipping + parts of course.
Im out bush at the moment. 
When I get home, (next weekend) Ill fish through the horde and find 1 of each.
If you havent heard from me in about 10 days, pester me again.
Just want to check that i have the right switches for you before I post them off

front view of switches

side view of switches

rear view of switches
can you check that this is what you need, eg the plugs are right, correct number of wires etc.
if your happy, Ill throw them in the post for you
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