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Happy New Year, Need more action

Hi All! Happy New Year to everyone. With another year down it seems we're getting less and less 1000 talk on here! Let's get this site going strong this year as there is a lot of us on here but don't get to see any rides! How is everyone's projects coming along? Would be great to see some pics of em this year. all the best for a safe and new happy year.
Sadly my projects aren't progressing
Too many other things in the way
Hopefully though I can get this Cobra and Torana out of the shed so I can get a coupe sorted for some track work
I know the feeling, it's only taken me 14 yrs to get mine sorted! There's always something stealing time off me!!
Only 14... your just a beginner
I took my orange coupe off the road in 1999 to fit a new motor and box
Turned into a bit of a project with IRS and other fancies
Still not finished
I think I've owned that car for about 26 years now
The white coupe I took off the road back in 2002 for engine swap and thats still in pieces in the shed too !!
Well it's obviously a 1000 issue! I don't think any of my other projects over the years have taken that long! I just blame the lack .motivation.....I meant lack of parts for how long it takes! But I tell you it's been worth the wait though, I forgot how much fun they are to drive.
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