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Bulb charts

I have the bulb chart for the 1200 thanks to the wiki, but are the 1000s any different? Does anyone have a list in a workshop manual? I am having a lot of weird issues with my 1000 since wiring it and want to at least get the bulb and wattage correct. I am talking about combination lamps, indicators, headlights etc. Cheers
What sort of issue??
1969 Dato Sedan
Well the indicators in the rear were very weak so I changed for a bulb with small wattage and that works ok but that hasn't solved the actual  problem. Also the indicators stay on solid with headlights, and again have issues with tail lights not working on one side. .
When I had the rear of my 1000 repainted, the shop that did the work did not connect an earth in the wiring loom.
Can't remember the exact issues as it has been a while, I do remember they were weird though.
So this is a long shot, but might be worth having a check to see if you have any disconnected earths in the loom.
The one which gave me trouble was in the loom which runs to the license plate lamp in the rear bumper.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Just had a look.
All the light info is in the owners manual.

1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Interesting those bulb ratings seem like they must be old school, never heard of some of those wattages. I'll have to check out the parts shop.
Also thanks for the heads up on the earths i'll check it out., I had the whole car in pieces so the wiring is one of the last things holding me back.
I also had e few issues with weird stuff happening. Found (after a lot of frustration) it was a bit of rust/corrosion in the bulb buckets. Cleaned them all out and I'll be stuffed everything went back to normal. It's just another thing to check if no luck.
Yes I think these cars might be fairly sensitive to having one or more bulbs not working correctly, so another strategy is I have to get everything wired up and all bulbs in place as per the manual, rather than just trouble shooting one corner of the car at a time (which isn't really working). A couple of the sockets I had were rusty, but I have put some electrical spray in there so hopefully thats enough.
Are you guys running front directional/parking lights? I have just the direction lamp in there, so might need to test with the correct part. Any other models of car I can scavenge one off?
I was also going to suggest to check all your earths.
I just went through it on my sedan, as I had problem with one of  my brake lights not working when the tail lights were on.
Seen it before so I knew what I was looking for. Ended up being a High Resistance earth on a globe holder.
Plus corrosion in the globeholders didn't help either. 
As it was mentioned above, the Wattages are not correct.
Stop/Tail are 21w/5w
Parkers are 10w
Reverse, and Front & Rear Indicators are 21w.
Only ones I'm not sure of right now are the Front Repeaters..
Just work on one thing at a time. Get your indicators working all first, then your Brakes, then finally your lights...... OR visa versa.. 
Good Luck
1969 Dato Sedan
the indicator/park light issue, generally, the front park indicator with corrosion, spend some time in there, cleaning and protecting......
"The one which gave me trouble was in the loom which runs to the license plate lamp in the rear bumper."

This turned out to be my exact problem! Thank you. I had an earth and also green wire for the licence plate that both had been cut and taped up so very tricky! This fixed all my issues. 
Glad to hear you got it sorted.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Well done..
1969 Dato Sedan
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