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Heater and aircon

So without wanting to get too far ahead of myself, what are the options for a heater if you don't have the original? If I should was going to adapt something from another car, what would give me both heater and aircon?
I think I have a spare heater here in Tas if  you get stuck for finding one or retro fitting one is to hard.
Thanks Wombat. Have you ever adapted something from a newer car to work?
Hi Kamiwaza Im new to the 1000's so no never  done a heater. my other datsun doenst even come with a heater. it was an option in the Cherry's.
You could go 12V. This is what I am doing with mine...eliminating the heater hoses etc and fitting an electric unit inside my original.
The electric unit for the heat is great option.
As for an aircon unit, you need a knee freezer unit. Plenty of cars used them before manufacturers went to integrated ventilation.
The 40/42/45/47/55 series landcruisers used knee freezer units. The 120Ys used them as well i think. Im sure there are plenty of others
Start looking for hot rod components. 
these guys are austrailan and sell the stuff you are looking for
I just had a look through their website....
I wasnt going to fit aircon to my project, but now I think i might, plus fit an awesome looking old style radio unit, and maybe one of the boot mounted air-con units, and maybe a fancy proper colapsable eletcric power steer unit, and and and... so much porn.....
Thanks for the input guys. I hadn't considered an electric setup. I guess a bigger alternator would be required but that was probably on the cards for me anyway.
Wombat, I have often wondered about older cars where heaters were optional... my understanding is in Qld at least a heater is required for a roadworthy but surely that can't be the case if not all cars have them.
Does anyone know if all 1000s come with heaters?
the standard verison of the 1000 had a heater as an option, and I believe that none of the 67s came with a heater.
However, I am pretty sure that almost all cars into Aus were the deluxe - so came with heaters, plus having a demister is an ADR requirement since forever. This may have been why everything is AUS is a deluxe.
If you are making a stock standard showroom floor rebuild, then you might be able to argue with the department about keeping it stock, but everything else will also need to be stock.
The moment you will want to change anything, they will prob make it a requirement to retro fit anyways.
Ive got a few heater boxes in my stash. They are very simple to repair/rebuild so just fit an original unit  - its the eaisest way.
The only thing with the standard 1000 heater box is that there is a funny shaped heater hose that you cant get anymore. You will need to use a universal corrugated hose to connect it up or find a hose from something else that is close enough.
Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. The reason I was thinking about it is that I don't remember ever seeing a factory heater unit come up on gumtree or ebay so I just assumed they were rockinghorse poo. But apprently they're all being stockpiled by forum members here!
And RT yes definitely amazed by the stuff on that site... guess I better start saving!
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