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Cross member spaces

Hi can any one tell me if the spacer  which looks like a hard bakerlight with a washer has to go in between the crossmember and the chassis  rail  or can the be left out
I have no idea why Nissan chose to use this material in there, so dont know if it can go or not.
My uneducated Guess is...
I personally wouldnt see much harm in ditching it.
Maybe they did it to avoid a seam where water could hold and rust could form?
If i was to remove it, I think I would try to use any sizing difference between steering column/idler-arm mounting-holes and the bolts that mount them to try and  raise them as high on the chassis as i could to keep the relationship between these and the cross rod as close to factory as possible.
Its all on ball joints so probably be a waste of time, but I'd do it anyway because im ridiculous.
Also keen to hear what others think.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Out of interest, Why are you thinking of removing these?
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Maybe they were trying to avoid metal to metal contact
to avoid rust so a sealand should be enough to avoid
water storage as the bakerlite or tar seal would have
been faster for assembly.
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I have give the car a total rebuild so when i went to put the crossmember back in i thought do i or not put them back in so i did .any way you are probley  right about the rusting i thought they might have some noise reduction  to stop the metal from twisting and squeaking  as well them little japs were clever when the built them
Wow, your car is looking amazing.
Dont be shy on updating us all with pics as it goes together again.
I always enjoy watching peoples 1000's transform into better versions of their former selves.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Looking good so far.
I have paint envy.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
2 Door Envy... Luv the Blue, Great Job...
Thanks ol mate. after quarter vent rubbers  do you know of any way of getting some .even if i have to get them made
Contact datsport about 1/4 rubbers.
Richard Morris, a member on here has kindly sent off a 1000 sedan to datsport to be used for making new rubbers.
The more genuine enquiries they recieve about parts, the higher up the to do list rubbers become.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Ok thank you .  i appreciate  that i will give them a call
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