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Something for Ash?, you can make it with local wood

might compliment your next OCD requirements 
(ps. Im just envious I cant have the chance atm)
easily found in bolt places or plumbing supplies
what a woody!
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You know me too well.
I actually hand made one of those thread adaptors before commiting to my S-Mark gear knob.
I had plans of using a toyota Knob on my A-Series gearbox.
Toyota was a larger thread, so bought the matching bolt and drilled/tapped to suit the Datsun shifter.
It is in the bin now, But that would have been way easier.
Still have more OCD planned, Just got to sort out money/life first.
Working towards a rebuilt A14 in the 1000 instead of the refreshed A14 that I have.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
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