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A10 flywheel with 1200 clutch

Morning all,
The little Datto has been running well, although the stock 1000 clutch doesnít like sitting behind the A14.
so this week Iím going to put an upgraded 1200 clutch in it.
now, at the moment Iím running the lighter A10 flywheel, so Iím aware Iíll have to drill and machine the flywheel to suit the larger diameter clutch.†
Ive had a bit of a look on here and 1200 tech wiki.†
Are there any hidden pitfalls I need to be aware of? Will I need to change the bearing carrier?†
Are the clutch covers the same height?
thanks in advance guys
I dont have any answers for you regarding the A12 clutch onto the A10 flywheel.

How well does the car drive with the A10 flywheel?

Im curious as im still a little unsure about which flywheel to use on my A14.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Beetwenty it drives well, itís a spritely little motor that goes hard, the standard a10 clutch does slip if you put your foot into it, but driving normally itís fine although having sticky tyres (proxes r888s) doesnít do it any favours either.
Looks like your tyres will certianly out grip the A10 clutch.

If you do the swap, please update this topic with any info that is relevant.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
the bearing sizes are different, and there is a couple of carrier lengths too,†
a12 flywheel doesn't fit in the 1000 gearbox without cutting the corner off...
Is it a stock a10 gearbox or other?
Im a great believer in the A10 flywheel with A12 clutch but
also Highway brakes in Campbelfield did me a stage 2
version of my A10 flywheel and held up well behind a
120hp ate A15 with cam that redlined at 8300rpm.
Ran quad 37mm bike carbs but eventually made the box
whinier than my neighbors wife so couldnt have that.

Having said that many years later I found the heavier
flywheels to be nicer to drive, better torque characteristics
and you could even drop it in 4th gear with 3.9 diff ratio
at 20kmhr and glide away all the way to freeway speeds.
Heavir flywheels have better sweetspots and feel nicer
in gear changes much like old Vdubs and 2cx citroens
which althought way underpowered in figures their tank
sized flywheels made them a pleasure to drive.
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