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Welch plug replacement - cylinder head

Anyone ever ever successfully replaced the welch plug in the rear of the cylinder head, without removing the head? Itís oh so tight with limited space between head and firewall.

Iím keen to hear how you went about it. Worst case scenario, the head will have to come off.

I've not done it Benny, but my guess is you could use a G clamp or sash clamp to push the new one in?
piece of cake on my vb10
removed the extra length
of the drain channel that
hid surface rust easy space.

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Thanks for the replies, head came off. Probably best as upon inspection the valve stem seals were severely worn or missing. Good colour in the combustion chamber indicates good burn. †Closer look at block under the headers, reveals the other Welch plugs were shot. It would have been a matter of time. Only one left to replace to the 50mm plug behind the flywheel.
I got carried away (as usual) and did a bit of cosmetic clean up †on the engine. Bit of paint here and there etc. Head was sent out for a std service valves re-lapped , stem seals and a surface skim. I slipped my single Weber setup on for a giggle, This car is †earmarked for a torque oriented big bore A12 (A13) build with all the hard to get performance parts and a bit of custom fab stuff too.

The factory downdraught carb will be going back on this motor.
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