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Datsun 1000 Coupe Front and rear racing spoiler, Aero

 Does anyone have leads for front spoilers and the bob tails for a 1000 coupe?
Bit of a long shot, but wonder if it would be worth asking alfa motorsports if they have something either sutable, or suitable enough to modify.
Fibreglass would certianly allow some changes to make things suit.
Also, i believe they are on the Gold Coast now.
I do have a MK1 Golf lip on my sedan, if this is enough of a lip for what you were thinking then you are welcome to stop by and have a look to see at what i did.
point in having a look is to see if you think something similar could wok for you.
Mounting/ftment etc.

1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Mark in Melbourne who has a vb10 rat rod and a hillclimb
kb10 had some nice ideas for what you are after.
otherwise 1200 stuff looks good and easy for the 1k coupe


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Thanks guys, have spoken with Alfa, they only have the sports sedan version that takes massive flares unfortunately.
had anyone tried that rear bobtail on a 1000 coupe, wonder if 1300 is wider across the back.

Justin on the 1000 fb group is doing a bobtail spoiler on his kb10... from memory i think he said it was a modified Torana one?
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