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Grant retro steering wheels for datsun 1000

Im sick of busting my knuckles and elbows on the friggin
sides of my 1000s, the stock wheel looks good but Im
either deformed or was a Condor in my past life, I dont know.

How hard would it be to make a laser cut plate to use
on a momo/nardi style 6 bolt boss to fit a Grants style
steerin wheel? I friggin hate the wheels on offer by the
italians, japs and asian rice style and would love the
classic look of a Grants

I figure we only need a 5mm thick plate with 6 holes to
fit a jap style momo boss and the grants pattern.
Just the brass section with 6 holes instead of the 5 below
illustrated on the second pic

put a chrome logo on these wheels of the datsun emblem and
we can have a retro wheel ranging from 40-80aud from ebay.

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