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How to Remove Dash Trim Strips - Late (Wide) Version

I have a need to remove the dash trim strip that runs from the side of the instrument cluster through to the passengers side of the dash as shown in the photograph. I have put my hand in behind there and am able to feel what I think a stud with a nut on it in several locations. I can only feel it at this stage, I am unable to see it. Would like to ask how to go about removing/reinstalling it. The reason I need to remove it is that the far end towards the passengers end of the dash has come loose and a previous owner has tried to stick it down with no success. The trim piece also has a small kink in it and it is annoying me. Thanks for any replies. BTW the photo is NOT of my car, I borrowed it from the internet.
From memory when I removed them on the wagon
Small nuts on the back of the trims
So yes... locating and unscrewing is the go
Hi Neil
Many thanks for the reply/info. I stuck my head under there the other day and with the aid of a mirror can now see the stud/nut combo that holds the subject trim to the dash. I looked at the smaller length piece that sits alongside the dash instrument cluster towards the drivers side door. I was going through some old saved photos the other day and cam across this one (see attached). Sorry, as Mr Squiggle would say "Upside down Miss Jane", Im not sure how to right it unfortunately. It shows largish holes in the dash and also shows a clip. Im guessing the clip has the stud/nut combo on it and that the clip attaches to the rear of the dash trim in question. Funny thing is that where mine has come loose right on the end of the dash I am still able to feel the stud/nut combo there in place. Im assuming that somehow the clip has come off the actual trim piece itself. Its hard to see as there is so much gunk in there where a previous owner has tried to glue it etc back in place. Again my apologies for the upside down pic...maybe Ash is able to right it for us??
I have the same issue with pictures.
I take all my photos on my phone and if i upload them as they are they can sometimes be upsidedown.
Before uploading i just edit them in a photo editer, even if it is just to resize my bazillion pixel images down to something reasonable
The edited photos never flip on me.
Im wondering if the original photo has some orienttion affixed to it from when the phone screen reorientates itself as you hold it on funny angles.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
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