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new to the forum, my 1000

ute trim *drool*, would you be able to hook us up with getting the crash pad re-done?
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Hey Kingtrim, I have a rear card from a 2 door sedan. (Thank you ThouUte)
It does not have the crome strip like the ones in your pics.
I guess Datsun had more than one option for the trim.
I thought I would post up a pic of it so you could see where the welds were and maybe offer up another option for us.
I hope this is helpful to you, I love the ones you have already done. they look just like the real thing.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Never seen a yella VB very diffrent 
Great trimming! keep up the 1K special
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hey thoute as far as the dash goes im getting mine done at the moment so i will let you know how it comes up,iv also got a two door delux which i will be putting a coupe dash in and will be getting that reskined soon, but im getting it reskined back to factory, iv had plenty of 1600 and 1200 dash boards done and they come up great, as far as the trims go, any thing is do-able, just a matter of haveing the correct dyes and presses, most datsun stuff is easy as they are quiet basic, those trims in the above photo wouldent be a problem,
If someone on here wants to get a set done I am happy to send my rear card off to Kingtrim for him to have a genuine to work from as an example.
If that is ok by you Kingtrim?
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
not a prob at all, although having a closer look at it, it is the same as the one i pulled of my wagon , because i will be running the delux trim in my wagon, also the issue we have is the piece of vinyl down the bottom, i wouldnt be able to match the same , i could get some thing pritty close though.
I found a pic of the ute door card, Maybe this can be of some use to you Kingtrim.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
yea beetwenty those ute door trims shouldnt be a prob
should hopefully get my gaurds back next week, im wraped withthe way the body is coming up!! its going to be a show stopper!!! 
got my wagon home today from mum and dads house ,ready for the panel beater tyo come over on monday and do his thing, he is wanting to trail fit the doors to check the body lines as he made up a whole new outer door skin!! this guy is a freak!!!
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