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manual conversion., column shift.

hey guys,
i haven't slowed my hunt for a 1k! and i think i have found one locally that is the goods! Only issue is it's a column shift auto... The car is running an a14 and i have a 4 speed i was hoping to put behind it. i have done a couple manual conversions before but never even driven a column shift. can it be converted? also i am contemplating buying a donor car for pedal box etc. i was just curious if anybody on here has done the column shift conversion? also would an a10 manual tailshaft be a bad decision with an a14? what exactly would i need for this procedure?
Conversion is easy, you need a hole in the transmission tunnel for the gearstick and sort out pedals and clutch and that's it.
Column shift auto isn't difficult to operate, just shift it into D for 'drive' and you're away.
Tailshaft is plenty strong, it's the diff centres that tend to go. Even a heavily worked a12 will pull one apart:

You can use a H150 from the 120y (not Borg Warner type but the Japanese one) or Sunny B310 H150 centre in the H145 housing which will take a bit more punishment.
Other option is to run 12 inch tyres so when the power goes through, the only thing that breaks is traction.
Other option is a complete diff upgrade. Shortened diff or custom offset wheels, re-mount/re-arrange mounts.
THANKYOU. i was just worried i would need to change alot more when converting a column shift.. i have a spare h150 kicking around somewhere, so that's good to hear aswell. 
I just did one on my 1000, from colum shift auto. The only problem I had was the clutch pedal. I used a 1200 brake and clutch pedal, and the 1200 clutch cable. I had to shorten the housing for the clutch cable on the firewall by about 20mm, so I could get the pedal position and necessary play on the thrust bearing. I still have a slight problem with the clutch pedal sitting much highter than the brake pedal, also you will need to put an other hole in the pedal box to alow for the extra return spring. Otherwise pretty simple jumper wiring to get past the inhibitor switch and wire in the reverse lights. Also the gearbox mounts don't even come close to lining up. You will need to make a couple of brackets and bolt through the floor pan with huge body washers inside the car. Handbrake cable got in the way for me, so I just backed it off a bit. In all was done in a day so pretty simple. HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!!!!!
The tail shaft was out of a 1200 too, but the starter motor is the same, auto or manual. All bolts up.
Prefer auto on the colum anyday! Manual transmission are overrated.
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I only changed mine because it dropped second, and was going to cost me $1000 to have it re-built. I had the manual conversion sitting in the shed.
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