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lil_1200, Where is he?

I still can't log onto datsun1200.com,  but have noticed lil_1200 has a couple of 1000 4 door sedans he wants to sell. Well I WANT THEM!!!! Any one know what part of the country he is in? He says he will list them on e-bay today.
Never mind, he is in Wollongong. Beautiful!!!!
Can you link me to his for sale thread? I'll go check them out if you want since I'm in Wollongong.
I'll try get you the link if want, but I have got my Father in law looking at them for me. He wants 1500 for one and 750 for the other. but the one for 750 sounds pretty bad, but thats the one I'm looking at, I don't have 1500 at the moment.
I spoke to him on the phone, and the 750 one has rust all over the place, if I had the cash the green one would be the way to go.
After considering the importance of my testicles, and the convenient location they are curently in, I have decided that the car might not be my best option at the moment, and that I could better spend the money on the car I have already got. My wife is looking over my shoulder and frowning as I type this, so if I don't make it back, well................................................................................................
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha That's one of the best posts I've seen!! Pitty about the car but.
Haha ouch. I'm going there tomorrow anyway just to see what they are like in person, see whats what.
Had a look at these, not a bad pair, just maybe a bit too pricey at $750 and $1500.
For those that are interested:
The green one is in good condition, column shift auto so might be a problem depending on what you want to do with it. Had a paint job that was pretty dodgy but its still a nice car all round.
The white/bog one is just that - covered in bog. Not a bad thing though really and the rust isn't that bad. The suspension and steering is pretty boned though, joints and rubbers are gone. Still has the original shocks and he's not sure about the brakes.
Both have the A10.
I don't suppose you had  a look at the reconditioned head that he had? Can't get a price or pictures off him....
No didn't get a look at that. He unwrapped a head that looked in decent condition but he said that wasn't it and couldn't find the other one. I can investigate further if you are really interested?
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