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A15 for Sale Towoomba

If any one was interested, I found this on e-bay
I saw that also.
Unfortunatley I have no money to bid on it.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
that sucks ash, if my ball and chain wasn't up me i'd get it
Current Dato -
68 B20 ute project
Previous Datos -
68 B20 ute
68 B10 2dr sedan
ca18det 1200 ute 180rwkw
12a montser port 1200 ute 212rwhp
Stocko 1200 wagon
Im not too worried.
Nissan made more than one A15.
I have heard through a friend of a friend about a 15A motor for sale, No prices yet
By the sounds of things it should be cheap.
Hopefully 15A means he was muddled up and it was an A15, Im still waiting to hear more.
So I can't get my hopes up too much just yet.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Honestly looks pretty worn and a15 are overrated 
a big bore a12 to 1300cc is one of the best all round
engines you can have. Good short stroke for revs
and wonderful torque due to alsmost perfect rod stroke ratio.
If you really want a perfect A series for your 1000 stick
to an early front dizzie a12, use a14 crank with a little
machining to clear counterweights, rebalance use later
conrods with 76mm full floating pistons from another
brand or stock a15 pistons shaved a tad and you have
a perfect 1400cc in an A12 engine block.
Go to 77mm and get 1430cc but no worth the lack of
bore wall thickness left over for further future honing. 
No engine mounts changes and no engineering issues.
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