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Washer bags, May be able to get a couple - E.O.I

I have contacted a guy who has sold me a blue kangaroo washer bag a while ago. I am hoping that he has a few laying around that he would be willing to part with. If he can get a few for me, they will be second hand and chances are that the pumps will not be working in them, but these can be replaced. If any one is interested let me know so if he can get me a few I know how many to buy. I will, providing I actually get some off him, be selling them for what ever he charges me for them plus postage if required. At the moment I'm just looking at numbers, so please don't get you hopes up at the moment.
Thanx guys. 
Where can we get the pumps from?
Betwenty has sugested buying a new black one and taking the pump out of it to replace the old one. You can buy these on e-bay for about $25 complete.
On mine I have just used a pump out of an other bottle and run hoses from the bag and screen squirters to it. It looks like shit, but works well.
No idea if they fit, but it would be worth a try.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
No good, sorry guys, he says he sold the last couple just recently, just bad timing I guess.
If you are looking for a great condition Kanga bag look in a 200b wagon wreck.
They keep their washer bags in the load bay within the cavity, so if you open the tailgate it would be to the left behind a panel. Because they are enclosed and away from the engine bay heat & chemicals - they are always mint.
Find yourself a wreck and remove the bag some of them will just as good as NOS.
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