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New Classifieds Tab

I find the title of the tabs across the top a little too small and hard to notice unless you look harder. It's not neccessary, but perhaps some bigger tabs/bolder letters/coloured letters/broader tabs or maybe just a bit more space between the datsun1000.com title and the top of the tabs would do the trick? I'm not too sure.
Being picky but just thought 'd mention it, I think I'd find myself doing the loop the loop with the cursor trying to locate the classifieds before I realise/remember that it has moved. (when the old classifieds get the boot).
Like I said no big issue, but to me it looks like it might be the most popular board on the forum.
There are tabs up the top??!! (I am being kind of serious, I have never noticed them before.)
We consolidated a bunch of pages into the "Reference Material" Tab to tidy up.
When we get rid of the for sale forums, I'll put a link to the Classifieds Tab in their place so that it's not hidden away up there.
Alright is there anyway to reply to an advert on the classifieds page? Or are they a locked with only messages like the commercial on-line shopper websites?
For instance, the advert about the 4 speed gearbox that paddy is selling, he asked what they are worth but I can't give him an opinion.
We created the classifieds section to keep the format of ads consistent, and easy to navigate, but don't worry - we'll never sell out and go commercial. It will always be free to list
At the moment, you can message the seller, but it's all private.
The 4-speed ad is more of a question for the forum, than a "For Sale" ad. Sorry if that makes us sound like nazi's / or OCD neat freaks
Maybe we should create a forum for "Expression of Interest" or "What's my part worth?"
Yeah nah I don't think any more tabs/categories will be of use seeing how small the place is. Don't want to over complicate, if you look at the format that datsun1200 runs it's absolute simplicity (the layout is, in terms of breaking it down into a website map).
I don't mind the closed format classifieds but being a discussion board I think it would be wise to leave the adverts open for a response if the seller requests one of if a buyer would feel inclined to respond. Most closed advert formats are for full on selling sites (ebay, gumtree etc etc) Either way it's fine, looking good. A new site is always different and if it were the same as the rest it wouldn't be new.Take it with a pinch of salt, I like this place and you're running it fine.
I'll have a think about how I can combine the best of both.
Perhaps I can remove the Classifieds tab, but add the image thumbnail, "Price" and "active/sold" fields to the classifieds within the forum (similar to how boostcruising do theirs).
Ok, I've abandoned the "Classifieds" tab at the top, and made a few small changes to the classifieds forums.
Classifieds forums now have a:
 - thumbnail next to them
 - price
 - "For Sale" / "Pending Payment" / "Sold" status
To mark an ad as "Sold" or to change the price shown, you need to edit the topic (by clicking the "Edit" button in the heading above the first post).
Classified ads also run like normal forum topics again.
Ads can be replyed to directly or the seller can be PM'd privatley like before.
Thanks for the input Chris, I think this is a sort of "Best of both systems"
If anyone has a for sale ad listed, please check to see if we have filled in the correct price and status.

Sorry for all the messing about/changes within the classifieds over the past few days guys, hopefully this will be a better system for everyone.
Please keep the feedback coming,
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