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Big Fan of the Pumpkin..

nice work..
Thanks mate
I'm living with a Canadian at the moment, so Halloween is apparently a big deal.
Lov the blood out the door- just missing the hand dragging along the groung.
O-yeah the pumpkin is cool too.
Haha! Awesome!
Here's the headers I've done in the past. When I have time, I'll make more for other special days.
You may need to click on them to see the subtle changes to the B20 ute. This forum isn't wide enough

Valentine's Day
notice the steamy hand-print on the foggy window... reow!

St. Patrick's Day




New Years

Australia Day

1st Year Anniversary of datsun1000.com
Valentines.. lmao.. go the steamy windows..
The hand in the steamy window is awsome.
Haloween is very big in Canada eh! Lots of candy the. Lots of parties
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No Australia day header? 
There you go...
I've gone for the bogan theme
Whats with the VL?
Some people play hard to get... I play hard to want...
Uniquely Australian AND with a Nissan motor! Thumbs up Andrew, perfect juxtaposition! 
When the "D" hits your eye, like a txt smiley guy...
Loos awesome!! just an idea can you put a beer though or star instead of the . com
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nice one!!!!
max you started this i can see you driving a Hetic VL
That's tops. I'm I going to sound way bogan if I admit to owning a vl for a few years? 
 a vl lol
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