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VB10 Perth available again - Sold

I bought the 1k wagon 2 months ago but I am moving to a house with much less garaging. Only one datto can come with me so the wags is up for grabs again
Still lic in WA to January
for pics look at the post in September
The 4 sp gearbox is pretty crappy but I have one to replace it
A12 runs fine. Has extractors and I am told it has a mild cam
needs work but its sraight and has little rust
I have a good A14 for extra$$ if wanted
Is this the post with pics you are talking about Mal?
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Yep that is the one
If only this was closer! as I dont fancy a trip through the Nullabor plains  
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forgot to say it has Disc brakes
forgot to say you can leave it accross the road mal...
Sold Again
Now I am back to owning  just 3 cars!!
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