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Nissan to revive Datsun name.

Im a little late in finding this, but I thought I would share anyway.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
While that is certainly old news, I can't see them releasing too 'budget orientated' cars in Australia. Sure there is a market for a car that only meets the euro emmissions but with all the government nobs on the job do you think they'ss let them cut back on stuff like ABS and airbags, things of that nature to save people money? I doubt it.  But I think a medium sized FWD with no crap all over it would sell well from Nissan / Datsun.Like a Tiida sized car with no electric windows, ABS or Airbag.
But maybe not. All the young chics these days want every mod con as it is. It helps them apply makeup while speeding, SMSing and merging at the same time. Don't forget a crossword too.
Some people play hard to get... I play hard to want...
I read somewhere they will be sold mainly to Mexico and such
69 datsun 1000 deluxe. 73-78 Mazda b1800
65 datsun 1600 roadster. 
88 300zx turbo 2+2. 94 pathfinder
This is where suzuki global has gained massive revenues by joining with Maruti in India and Changan or Chana,  Dong Fen and others in China. Its not wise from a technology sharing point of view but Suzuki has been able to make money in the meantime by creating good relations and now having those countries cast all kinds of parts and even India Maruti Suzuki making the new engine and top to toe a new car for the Alto.
Nissan tried in Mexico, Africa and some other countries but not the major 2.
In all honesty I dont think my datsun would be any better than a chinese made car of 1 star rating but I am safer than when I came of my bike several times due to idiots crossing red lights (one old geezer and one young tart) and ignored. Not totally safer but just better off than when I did come off on 2 wheels. Silly try hards today all drive black SUV or 4WDs when they are not needed due to great roads and pavement everywhere and although Im able to see these black cars making now almost 40 % of the total cars on the road I cant tell you know they have more trouble seeing me on a bike through their limited rear view blindspots (hatch or SUV equally).
The Govt with the auto industry makes sure cars today must have a minimum of ESP for all consumer cars except commercials.
So if Nissan wants extra revenue they should bring back the rwd ute in 1200 and especially 1000 cause Im BIAS dam it!
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