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Rubber Seals for B10 Tail-lights- Ebay

These look to suit the later, longer sedan lights but they don't look quite right [ebay link].
I can't find that part number in the book and the 'B10 SSS' is a indication that he may have it wrong.
Can anyone confirm? I think it's an error, best find out first if you are going to purchase a set.
I believe these to be for a 1200 Coupe Chris.
While im sure You understand Nissans numbering system I thought I would explain it for others reading this post.
The photos show a Part Type No of H18. (Full Part No, 26553-H1800)  H18 = KB110/1200 Coupe.
Part Type No. Represents Digits 6, 7, & 8 of Nissans Ten Digit Part Number System
The Part Type No. consists of 3 digits which in principle indicate the applied model.
This means that the part is originaly designed for that model.
Howerer, it may be used widely over Nissans models. Therefore, it does not always signify the applied model.
(With a Part Type No for a Nissan model made after the 1000 was produced, i doubt that it would fit a 1000 taillight).
Full Explination of Nissan Parts Numbering system.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
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