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sill panels

hi guys im after sum help i need 2 outer sill panels for me 67 1000 2door does any 1 no were i can get them or have them made im in geelong victoria cheers chris
you could maybe use 1200 sills and adapt them i've never seen rust repair panels for the 1000's. we need a sydney member to send a 1000 to wayne http://automotivepanelcraft.com/ he does heaps of datsun repair panels but nothing for the 1000 yet
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The best way is get some 1.2mm thick rectangular tubing, cut the sills off completely clean it all up inside there will be rust in there for sure and then treat it all inside, paint, urethane it etc. plate square tubing of similar size weld it up well then cut ends off and shape it up with steel plate or offcuts. You will have a stronger rigid body where gearbox mounts and even roll cages can be easily welded from.
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