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For the Perthies: Superkhana Anyone??

The next Superkhana is down at Kwinana on July 29.
Cross posted from 1200.com, any Perthies interested?  Even if competition is out of the question (as it is for me!) we can spectate and Mexican wave at every Datsun that is racing. 
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definitely keen !
If not alittle slow
Might be worth a look,
Al, you can take the new 4 door...
There is another one at Kwinana on October 21st, but I like the look of the Dowerin Dirt one the following weekend!!  My  locked H145 might like dirt a bit more than tarmac...
How's this for an idea:  An underground "Guerilla" motorkhana?  An unused carpark is determined then through Secret Squirrel methods, a date is set.  One the day we turn up with witches hats, a table and chairs (for officials) and our cars.  Scream around a laid-out circuit for a couple of hours, then before anyone realises it's not a sanctioned event, we've already finished, packed up and pissed off.
The best thing is there's no entry fees! 
When the "D" hits your eye, like a txt smiley guy...
^^ thats the way it should be done lol
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I'm heading to the one on the 21st if anyone else is keen, been to a few of these and they are great fun and the best thing is cause they are a pretty short track with lots of corners the little dattos are pretty competitive i've posted better times than a lot of newer machinery and thats with an open diff and boatloads of bodyroll!
on the guerilla motorkhana it sounds like the go, the most important thing we need is a big carpark, away from do gooders and preferably somwhere thats relativly deserted on a sunday maybe an industrial area?
any ideas?
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At the last Kwinana Superkhana
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