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1000 wagon

Hi I'm after a 1000 wagon preferably in SA. must be registrable i.e. not defected. Will look at anything from a cheap or rusted out wreck or good one up to $3000. 0438248379
Got one in WA you could drive home for $2500
A15 , disc front , rebuilt front susp (2007)
I'm sure you'll find one local... good luck searching
Hey Neil cheers for your reply. Road trip to WA?hmmm no but I might be able to freight it here. Are all the numbers correct? I.e. Chassis number matches ID plate and engine number correct on rego form? They do an iD inspection to transfer Reg to SA. Is it currently registered? Any mechanical probs? Steering play, engine smoke or abnormal noises?
My email is ryanmboyle@hotmail.com
Yes its rego'd
Ovbiously in WA
No the engine # isn't the same as the plate or the rego papers
Its got an A15 in it and despite being over the pits in 2007 they didn't change the number as requested
Body # matches plate
No smoke... and the normal rattles as expected on a 40+ year old car
And a brake noise from the left rear wheel.
No the disc brakes,endine or anything else have not been engineered but the car passed a canary in 2007 in its current form with no issues
To be honest... I'd rather sell it local so someone can see it properly and drive it
Not that theres anything wrong with it...I'd drive it to Adelaide myself in a heartbeat
But I would prefer it looked over by someone first
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