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was looking at my mates toyota hylux 2 wheel drive the other day and they have a similar system to the 1000 in regard to the front stub axle, where the top balljoint bolts on to wishbone it  has  four bolts im thinking weld a plate over mine and redrill it for the four bolts ,as long as balljoint angles are not  to far out what other problems are there im just thinking might be easier then frigging around with brackets and stuff to put discs on front feedback required lol
just check the dimensions of the toyota knuckle against the 1000, i assume it will be a bit bigger and that could throw your geometry out. also where the tie-rods hook up for the steering you need to check that as well wether its front or back
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yea i i had a qucik look but am gonna get some images out of manuals to check as well
r31 pintara rear discs and commonhoe calipers should do, changing to toyota uprights is a headache you best do a vanette instead which are the same design also, just need to swap left and right for tie rods to be in the right place.
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thanks for feedback
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