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Dasun 1000, Service Manual

There is now a Service Manual in the Downloads Page.
Andrewzuku has taken the time to scan and upload this for us all.
It is broken down into seperate sections, each avaliable as seperate pdf's to download.
He has also uploaded it to his retrojdm web page where individual pages can be viewed if you are unable to view it in pdf format.
A link directly to retrojdm.com is also on the downloads page.
(Just click on the image below or the thumbnail on the downloads page).
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
And for all your wiring needs...

...I've just finished re-creating the wiring diagram in COLOUR!
your both champions, ash needs to gets his thou on the road
Current Dato -
68 B20 ute project
Previous Datos -
68 B20 ute
68 B10 2dr sedan
ca18det 1200 ute 180rwkw
12a montser port 1200 ute 212rwhp
Stocko 1200 wagon
I keep getting distracted by the shovel, building bike trails.
Im digging aprox 10 hours every weekend, split over two days.
What you see in the pics below was built 100% from scratch by me and a mate.

It seems one hobby is getting in the way of the other.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Thats alot of soil, heaps of elbow grease! few people understand what its like to dig in tough australian soil or dig at all!
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