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Complete NOS Coupe & Sedan

Anyone remember the NOS coupe and sedan for sale in Japan? The ones that had been in storage since the date of manufacture.
I thought they ought to be mentioned here. I have some pictures but my Internet is soooo slow at the moment.

How could you forget them!!!?
Thats them! I wonder what happened to them. I would love a pair of the kb10 sports option mirrors.
As far as I know, the mirrors on the Jap Spec KB10 in the picture are standard. [I've been wrong before though]
I have a pair for my own KB10GL. [No, they are NOT available]
While it's hard to tell, the blinker spears do not look to be the mid size ones [1968/'69] & if that is true then this would be a 1970 model, manufactured between July & December 1969 & the standard grille marks it as a DeLuxe as the GL [Grand Luxe] had a black grille.
KB10GL, the car I always wanted.
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