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Brand New Datsun 1000 Boot Badges - $100.00

Hello Datsun 1000 fanatics,

I have for sale some new, to-scale, laser cut Datsun 1000 boot badges. They are a multiple part item that need to be laminated/glued together with some epoxy and then polished.

Fully laminated and polished AUD$100.00

Unlaminated and unpolised they are $65.00

I only have a limited amount as a fair few have been pre-sold.

Let me know if you are keen.

Location: Rabaul, New Guinea
Item: Datsun 1000 Boot Badges
Item Condition: New
Extra Info: Stainless Steel
Reason for Selling: Project Funding - Datsun B10, E10, B110 2dr, B 120, GB122
Price: $100 polished & Laminated. $65.00 unpolished, unlaminated
Postage: Depends on lacation, $15.00 Maximum I would say.
Contact Info: PM
Pictures: Still to come.

PayPal payments will incur a small surcharge.
Is the emblem the one that looks like this Chris? DATSUN 1000
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
You are the last person I thought id be demanding pics from Chris
Sorry for the delay. And also an amendment has been made, the $65.00 DOES include laminating. This is done using a small press and two part epoxy to ensure it is pressed hard and straight.

Picture (laminated, not polished);

Stainless S is way better than chrome-pitting prone originals even unpolished look very good.
A quick buff with bi-carb or toothpaste will make it chrome very quickly.
I wish I didnt pay more for original NOS ones instead now
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Hi,im interest in buy 4 units,polished and laminated,how many day to receive that in usa?
let me know your paypal id and total shipped please!


Hello Jaime,

Good to see you back on line. According to EMS postage is between 14-21 days. PM sent.
Hi Chris,
payment was sent!

I only have a few more left is there any other interest?

I will try to upload pictures of the polished and finished units as soon as I can.
Im keen but Chrisse has cleaned me out for the time being
How are the attatched? Ie: do they have posts or do you just glue em?
Hello! Im interested in 2 badges polished and laminated please! i live in sydney! let me know your paypal id & totla price for shipping! please!!!


By way of an update, I have had alot of difficulty with the laminating fo these. The trial went well but the subsequent units have been tricky

Sorry for the delay, I will have them done asap
This is a nightmare!! The laminating is extremely difficult and I'm contemplating refunding them, arghh!! So much effort for comparatively little gain.

Here is what the last looks like, ignore the black slag, that all comes off when washed in hot water. They are a high polish but a bit hard to see that in this picture.

Sorry for the epic delay guys.... will do my best to get them done asap.
Full refunds have been issued, I am unable to achieve anything close enough to the original.

I apologise sincerely for taking so long and if I do eventually succeed I will advise the buyers once again.

Sorry once again gentleman. It is not often that I go back on my word, but these are simply too costly to produce for the price. Doesn't sound true but the cost to produce one simply exceed the sale price.
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