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Roof Racks for the 1000 sedan

Has anyone got any pictures of sedans or wagons with roof racks? I have made a set for mine and they're awesome but I'd like to see what else has been made.
I remember Dad had some universal roof racks on the ol' family VB10 that were similar. Only difference was it was made of 2 x oval-shaped pieces of solid steel rods on each side, running the length of the roof, connected by rods like yours. Being universal, it also fit the ol' HQ wagon too.
Wish it was still in the family, gawd knows what happened to it!
I think i have a photo of Dad's Datto with the raks on somewhere. If I dig it up, I'll scan & post it.
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The one I made is just 10mm round bar. The silly bits of cardboard are just temporary until I can get some felt to protect the paint under the supports.
definitely throw up a pic of the old wags!
I'm pretty sure Dad used pieces of garden hose on the clamps, but then again, he was a true-blue, "Rough enough's good enough" ol' Digger! 
When the "D" hits your eye, like a txt smiley guy...
Looks great Chris. - Nice work!
I got a one from the wreakers, think off a HQ or similar. Too scared to drill into the roof, ended up giving it to Lagwagon.
Was there a old jap advert with a 2 door with racks in it? red or white and i think a skiier in the shot? Think ive seen one but just looked and havent saved it....
When can we see more shots of the whole thing mate? - Build thread or ban!  
Bloody hell you've got a good eye and memory! Nah no build thread for me, not now anyway! Still a way off, waiting on door glass rubbers and small triangle glass rubbers.
These are nice but my volksie ones in the past were much better cooler design like in the last link

Generic VW Bettle wood roofies

available here in stainless from china
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