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wiper motor

I noticed the other thread regarding accidentally bidding against a forum member and thought that something along the lines of letting people know what you are buying is a good idea. Sometimes it might alert others to a part they need more than you, but what the heck, I'm pretty sure everyone is searching on ebay nowdays anyway.
I have put a bid on that wiper motor on ebay since mine is way too slow for rego.
are they 2 speed those wiper motors? because mine is slow as f*** too and only goes at one speed. if you don't win the auction let me know i got a spare, im taking both mine into my autoelectrian mate and he's gonna clean them up
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It pays to grease and free up the wiper linkages too, when these get a little tired they really slow things down, it's more often the linkages causing the issue rather than the motor itself.
Do you mean on the wiper arms themselves? There is a little socket joint I have greased that connects the motor to the 4 bar link, but haven't checked the arms.
Yeah I guess you could have a look at that too, but the parts that link everthing together under the dash can sometimes do with a decent clean and lubrication.

They are kinda slow though... but if they're really slow generally a little service on the parts will help things move a little better.
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