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WTB: Datsun 1000 Sedan Parts

Hello everyone,
I am after a few parts for the Datsun:
NOS or good condition quarter window seals, the little triangle glass.
NOS or good condition rubber bump stops.
NOS or good condition bonnet rubber stops.
NOS or good condition kangaroo bag.
There are a few other things but that's about it for the time being.
Also need complete door locks (two door) boot lock and ignition barrel.
edit: with keys of course!
Unfortunately your mates at rarespares have the kangaroo bag last time I checked, for bonnet you can use 86-96 3 series of toyota, corona, camry and celica bonnet rubbers that work also possible to use others as they are very hard to find NOS for the 1000 as far as I know. Also which bump stops?
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