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    Finally got them both in the shed the registered 1 is getting a ca18 and the unregestered one will be as original as possible unregistered 1 is in my opinion rust fee compared to the other 1 but both will be cool
Excellent perfectly well done, another couple of journeys beging again 
Im torn between my kb10 on leaving it stock as a rock as its beautiful but having another I could do the a similar donk but with a big Akira Nakai styled porsche wide body rear flares, for the front extended wheelbase by lengthening the front 10 inches for perfect 99 inch wheelbase and again Akira Nakai styled front guards. Rear hatch would be converted to a hatch of single shatter proof mr10 lexan raised boot line above the lights and custom chrome billet kb10 horizontal lights intead of vertical with extra extended arrow inner curves all because this is the only area i never like on Kb10s for datsun copying and miniturising mustang tail lights.
Rubber would be something like 325 on the rear and 295 at the front using massively dished Wheels.

Some inspiration
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We need more 1000's in SEQ.
I look foward to updates on your progress.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
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