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B20 tail lights

Hey everyone, desperately trying to track down some tail lights for my ute. Any help would be awesome.
Try Abdulla over on ratsun.net, His user name is skyc110
He had some new old stock lights and lenses for sale in back in November, I know one member on here has bought some of it, but i don't know how much.
Could be worth asking if he has any left.
I have personally bought from him and had no problems at all, he had excellent communication and my parts were well packaged.
He is in Saudi Arabia, and when I bought from him he was ok with paypal in AUD.
When I was talking with him these were some pics of what he had, but not sure about what he would have now...

1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Thanks Ash I appreciate the help, this stuff is hard to find!
Dix just a note I think you should consider something with chrome
just does the rest of the chrome accessories some justice.
These are much better chrome outline finish & about the same size
These would look really cool!
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hi.. i want to have that Tail Light so much... can i buy it.. so rare in Indonesia ????

help please..
How i can get tail lamp for my Datsun 1000 Ute Pickup 1969

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