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rear spring bushes, nolathane?

So i'm looking at replacing the rear spring eye bushes (front and back) on my 1000. I have seen a rubber set on ebay but would really rather poly urethane. so my question is will 1200 ones fit? i know that 120y's spring eye is a fair bit bigger than those on the thou but was hoping the 1200 would be the same. I hoppped on the nolathane website then called my buddy who's letting my 1000 live in his garage for measurements but he wasn't much help. so is anybody on here running nolathane bushes anywhere on their cars? would like to replace all i can. also any chance somebody could give me the dimensions on the both spring eyes? here is a link to what nolathane have listed for a 1200:
thanks guys.
Theres a couple of different bushes depending which springs are in your car
Measure first buy once
There is a list somewhere of urethane bushes people have used on 1000's
Just can't find it right now
im 90% sure 1200 ones fit. i've got the super pro brand 1200 ones i just havent got around to fitting them yet.
i also bought the ebay ones and there alright
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I deal in superpro... which I prefer over nolathane
Come up with some numbers and I'll get you some prices
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